Conclusion of a series of training workshops aimed at improving the quality of media content

23 Feb 2021

Jordan Media Institute - Amman


The Jordan Media Institute has concluded a series of training workshops on strengthening the capacities of Jordanian media in facing extremism and terrorism by expanding media and information literacy and developing the quality of media content.

The last three-day workshop within the series incorporated a group of journalists working in various media outlets in several governorates. 

The workshop dealt with multiple topics, including the foundations of media and information literacy, information and image verification skills, confrontation of hate speech in the media, and journalism ethics, including the entrenchment of professional and ethical foundations among journalists and media professionals. 

Trainee Aws Kattana from Al-Mamlaka TV says that the training workshop introduced him to new ways to verify images and uncover their potential manipulation. The workshop expanded his knowledge on hate speech, enabling him to better analyze news and avoid using terms that reinforce that type of discourse.  

Trainee Nadine Khoury says that the training was a huge personal gain for her. She learned how to deal with sources and enhanced her self-confidence to overcome the fear of conducting interviews. 

This last training workshop is part of a series of workshops held by the Institute in cooperation with the Hedayah Center for Combating Extremism, supported by the European Union. It targets social activists, journalists, and media professionals to advance the capabilities of the Jordanian media in developing content quality and media performance to counter misleading messages, rumors and hate speech causing the various extremist spectrums.

Over the past months, JMI has held training workshops for many groups, including media spokespersons on behalf of official institutions, media students at universities, and personnel at radio stations, TV channels and news sites.

The project included training a number of employees of the media commission to monitor hate speech in the media.

The Institute recently launched an ethical and professional code of conduct aimed at combating hate speech in the Jordanian media through which people working in the field of journalism, media and media institutions commit to applying professional practices during their journalistic and media work. 

To participate in combating hate speech in the Jordanian media, please sign the code of conduct at the following link: