Four JMI students participate in the Original Narrative Short Film Festival in Dubai

15 Dec 2019

Four female students from JMI have participated in the Original Narrative Short Film Festival, held on the campus of the American University in Dubai during December 7-10. The students were invited by the Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication. The festival itself is held in collaboration with MBC.

The four students attended the opening ceremony, which included a large number of celebrities and filmmakers, along with a musical performance by Michel Fadel.  

Over a three-day period, the festival offers a unique platform to young Arab directors and media students to network and learn from leaders in cinema and television, from both Hollywood and the Arab world.

The JMI students participated in a dialogue forum with an elite group of filmmakers, such as Tunisian actor Dhafer El Abidine, American writer and producer Chris Brancato – one of the creators of the famous “Narcos” series-, American writer and TV producer Chris Keyser and American writer David Isaacs, winner of the Primetime Emmy Award.

Throughout two days, the JMI students attended writing and directing workshops as part of the festival, along with students from other media schools in Arab countries and filmmakers participating in the festival. The students attended various screenings in addition to the closing ceremony where winners were announced.

It is worth noting that the festival began in 2014 to celebrate the ideas and works of young men and women worldwide. It was planned by the academic team at the Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication and aims to promote and exchange ideas and encourage creativity and originality among young Arab filmmakers.