Media and Information Literacy Center

Main Objective of the Center

To support and promote the dissemination of skills and competencies of Media and Information Literacy among citizens, especially youth, in order to help them access, analyze, consume and produce media responsibly, ethically and positively.

Direct Goals:

  1. Develop the skills of citizens, especially children and youth, in dealing with media and sources of information.
  2. Empower and protect individuals from the risks unprofessional use of media and inappropriate content such as hate speech and content advocating extremism, violence and terrorism.
  3. Strengthen the capacity of young people to produce digital content and participate positively in their communities.
  4. Empower citizens, especially youth, with freedom of expression, critical thinking, creativity and innovation.

Work Fields:

The Media and Information Center works in the following areas:

  • Develop MIL curricula and training manuals.
  • Organize training programs for young people on MIL and combating extremism.
  • Conduct public opinion and periodic surveys on the state of media literacy.
  • Disseminate the competencies and skills of MIL in academic and youth institutions.

Practical training and knowledge includes three areas:

  • Understanding new media and communication.
  • News literacy.
  • Digital literacy.

Latest Videos

مشروع صوت المواطن في الأردن

مشروع صوت المواطن في الأردن

17 Nov 2020 Jordan Media Institute

التربية الإعلامية والمعلوماتية … صوت الشباب في الإعلام

التربية الإعلامية والمعلوماتية … صوت الشباب في الإعلام

30 Sep 2020 JMI

الكاميرا قد تكذب احياناً التربية الإعلامية والمعلوماتية

الكاميرا قد تكذب احياناً التربية الإعلامية والمعلوماتية

05 Sep 2018 Amman

Latest News

18 Nov 2020
The Jordan Media Institute (JMI) and the Jordan Bar Association (JBA) signed, on Tuesday, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to support national efforts to promote Media and Information Literacy (MIL) in Jordan.
15 Nov 2020
Young journalism graduates and members of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) received training at the Jordan Media Institute (JMI), on Media and Information Literacy (MIL) in partnership with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
30 Sep 2020
JMI hosted an introductory meeting for representatives from more than 18 civil society organizations active in various parts of the Kingdom, in order to engage them on the National Initiative to Spread Media and Information Literacy launched on June 17. The initiative aims to integrate concepts and provide media and information literacy skills to the Jordanian education system, as well as to cultu...

Summer Training Schools

JMI organizes Media and Information Literacy (MIL) summer training programs for schools and young people. The courses cover MIL concepts and skills: understanding modern media and communication, news literacy and digital media.

The training program is five days, and registration may be done individually or through establishments.