Project: Improving Jordan’s Media Capacity to Counter Violent Extremism and Terrorism: Media Literacy and Performance & Content Quality Perspective

Starting Date: December, 2019

End Date: April, 2021

The project is implemented by JMI in cooperation with Hedayah International Center of Excellence for Countering Violent Extremism and funded by the European Union.


Improving Jordan’s media capacity to counter violent extremism and terrorism from Media Information Literacy and content quality perspectives

Project Description:


  • Training workshops on Media and Information Literacy and combating hate speech for:
  • Journalists in daily newspapers, news websites and Jordan News Agency (Petra)
  • Journalists in local and community radio stations
  • Journalists in local TV channels
  • Young fresh journalism graduates and fourth year students of JMI
  • Spokesmen in Ministries and Governmental bodies.
  • Social media activists who have interests in citizen journalism
  • The employees of the Media Commission
  • Training of trainers for journalists and media professionals on Media and Information Literacy and combating hate speech
  • Training for the employees of the Media Commission on monitoring and analyzing hate speech in the Jordanian media
  • Preparing and disseminating audio and video messages about hate speech
  • Discussion sessions on the code of conduct for the Jordanian media to combat hate speech
  • Issuing a code of conduct on hate speech in the Jordanian media
  • Disseminating and sharing the code of conduct with various Jordanian media outlets


  • Jordan Media Commission
  • The Jordan Radio and Television Corporation (JRTV)
  • Jordan News Agency (Petra)
  • Jordan Spokespersons
  • Local Community Radios
  • Media outlets



  • 15 Journalists working in the professional media outlets
  • 15 Reporters consisting of staff members and volunteers from the student community working in community radio stations in Amman, Ma'an, Karak, Zarqa and Irbid governorates.
  • 15 journalists who work in TV stations.
  • 40 New graduates and senior students from journalism faculties (last year students) at JMI, Petra, Yarmouk, Middle East, Zarqa and Gadara Universities
  • 40 Spokespersons in Ministries and Governmental bodies (from Spokesmen Network)
  • 10 Employees of the Jordan Media Commission (State Regulatory Authority for the media sector)
  • 15 Activists and influencers on social media