Alumni Club

A group of JMI alumni has launched and adopted the idea of ​​establishing a club for the graduates of the Institute in a voluntary manner. The club was officially registered as an independent non-profit association under the name of “JMI Alumni Club” under the number (2018021117431) on (18/12/2018).

Vision of Alumni Club

  • Supporting the objectives of Jordan Media Institute (JMI) and spreading its philosophy.
  • Serving the Jordanian media and journalism and carry on the process of developing and improving the outputs of journalism field that are initiated by the Institute.
  • Focusing on quality and community service by providing responsible and professional journalism that enhances the role, presence and importance of its members in a locally and internationally volatile media environment as media is nowadays directly related to political, economic, regional and social affairs.


The club aims to contribute to raising the efficiency and professionalism of all colleagues and members through achieving several main and sub-goals. The main objectives of the club are:

  • Forming an independent media entity that includes the graduates of JMI Master’s Program, to facilitate their service and benefit from their expertise.
  • Contribute to developing the skills, capabilities and professionalism of its members through introducing specialized and intensive training workshops that meet the needs in the labor market.
  • Building a link between graduates, media and academic institutions, which will provide job opportunities, postgraduate and doctoral degrees facilities, and other training and career opportunities.
  • Facilitate the resources for journalists through a network of institutional relationships.
  • Introducing and working on projects in cooperation with the concerned authorities.
  • Enabling social relations by linking graduates to the club so that they can provide assistance and exchange experiences according to their job locations and competencies.

Alumni Club News & Events

Photos: the First Orientation Meeting for Alumni and Club Members (Jan. 2019)