The Jordan Media Institute’s writing and publication program was established in response to a real need for media-related academic research in Jordan as well as the Arab world. The publications include media knowledge series and educational, training and cultural guidebooks.
The training guide to enhancing the Jordanian media's ability to combat extremism and terrorism
Media and Information Literacy: Digital Media Literacy Guidebook
The third guidebook on MIL targets digital literacy, advocating a greater degree of awareness in order to reach a deeper understanding of the Internet and social media. It recommends utilizing the opportunities provided by this technology to the maximum extent while protecting ourselves and those around us from the risks posed by unprofessional use and unsuitable content of media and information sources, whether they are officials, companies, extremist groups or criminals. The guidebook is published in Arabic Language.
Media and Information Literacy: News Literacy Guidebook
The second guidebook on MIL covers news literacy concepts: how news is collected, when events become news, backgrounds controlling news editing and writing, honesty in news broadcast by media outlets, misleading news and verifying credibility of news. The guidebook also tackles differentiating between news and rumors, as well as political and ideological propaganda. The guidebook is published in Arabic Language.
Media and Information Literacy: Guidebook on Understanding Modern Media and Communications
This book is the first in a series of guidebooks on Media and Information Literary (MIL). These guidebooks constitute a reference and curriculum supplying individuals with the knowledge and skills to understand modern media, access information, evaluate media messages and create media content. This empowers individuals and societies with the right to communication and knowledge, promotes the culture of human rights, bolters strong foundations for public discourse and enhances the role of information and media in democratic life. The first part centers on media and communications, offering a preliminary understanding of population communication principles and handling media and information sources. The guidebook is published in Arabic Language.
The World Wakes Up to the Great Arab Revolt (The Lowell Thomas and American Press Collection)
This book features a selection of articles from the American press coverage of the Great Arab Revolt in the first quarter of the 20th century. It includes images captured by Lowell Thomas, an American journalist, traveler and documentary filmmaker. In his work, he shed light on the role of Prince Faisal and British officer Thomas Edward Lawrence, known as “Lawrence of Arabia”, in this pivotal period in history. The book is published in bi-lingual copy (Arabic and English Languages).
Transformations Towards Modernity in News Editing
This book is an important source of information for Arab journalists. It is also a tool to enhance their journalistic senses to respond to the immense transformations in the media and communications sphere as well as a means of collecting information and presenting it to the public. The benefit is reinforced by the volume of examples and applied templates offered by the book. The book is published in Arabic Language.
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Guidebook on Press Coverage of Human Rights Issues
This book is divided into three chapters written by experts from diverse academic backgrounds who are proficient in human rights and media affairs. The first chapter addresses the relationship between the media and human rights, offering a theoretical and conceptual vision that traces the evolution of the human rights theory. The second chapter covers the legal framework on which the human rights system and literature is based, while the third chapter deals with the applied aspect in developing journalistic skills for covering human rights issues through examples and best practices. The guidebook is published in Arabic Language.
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