International Red Cross and Partners Invite Entries for Humanitarian Awards

01 Jun 2022

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and its partners— the Jordan National Red Crescent Society (JRCS) and the Jordan Media Institute (JMI) have announced the commencement of this year’s Humanitarian Awards.

First held in 2021, the Humanitarian Awards aim at encouraging the reportage of issues of a humanitarian concern in Jordan and is in two categories covering stories and photographs that both revolve around humanitarian topics and must have been published between September 1, 2021 and August 31, 2022. The closing date of receiving entries is 7 September 2022.

Speaking about the awards, Sarah Avrillaud, Head of the ICRC Delegation in Jordan says: “The motivation of the ICRC for instituting this competition is simply borne out of our conviction that the media in every country should pay attention to the plight of those who end up on the wrong side of a humanitarian crisis so that the reading and viewing public may be better informed. Equally important is the fact that those who make policy or take decisions that could impact this category of persons would be able to take informed decisions on issues related to such affected populations.“

In a similar vein, H.E. Dr. Mohammad Al-Hadid, President of JRCS, said: “Jordan Red Crescent supports any initiative that sheds light on the humanitarian aspects of the Jordanian society, given the belief of JRCS in the capabilities and the power of the media and the press in making a change, stressing that this requires motivating, supporting, and encouraging talented journalists to reflect their efforts in photography and written materials with a human touch. This will indeed enhance the support and the media coverage of JRCS relief activities.”

Dr. Mirna Abu Zeid, Dean of the JMI, is of the opinion that “The media, by choosing the stories, the angles and the sources for the topics they report, can influence the course of matters and have the power to further the humanitarian agenda by shedding light on the humanitarian issues in order to address them. Therefore, it is necessary to raise the journalists’ awareness of the humanitarian reporting on events in order to contribute through their coverage in achieving human justice. Our partnership in this competition is an expression of the Jordan Media Institute’s mission and values, which places the human being as an absolute value and serving his best interest on top of its priorities.”

The Humanitarian Awards is envisioned as an annual event and upon receipt of entries for the 2022 edition and adjudication by an eminent panel of jurors made up of professionals in journalism and photo journalism, a formal and prestigious ceremony will be held in November 2022 at which the winners will be presented with their awards as the first place winners will win JOD 1000, while the winners of the second place will win JOD 750 and the winners of the third place will receive JOD 500.

Interested participants can access the Humanitarian Awards portal here ( or call 0777398794.