MA in Journalism and New Media

JMI introduced its Master’s program to meet the urgent demand for a professional and highly qualified workforce in the Arab media industry. The institute also recognizes the important role played by journalists in the service of their community, the development of their country and the protection of national interests by providing accurate, credible information and opportunities for constructive dialogue.

The JMI curriculum was designed with input from some of the world’s leading journalism professors working for Columbia University (USA); City University of London (UK); Superior School of Journalism of Lille (France); Technical University of Dortmund (Germany); and the American University of Beirut (Lebanon) Professional Journalism Training Program; in addition to members of the Jordanian media sector and academic community.

Our MA program’s unique nature is based on its ability to maintain international journalism standards, while taking specific characteristics of the Middle East’s media environment and culture into consideration. It also adopts the latest and most effective teaching methods and focuses on digital media.

The institute hosts elite guest speakers from the country, region and abroad so that students can enrich their knowledge and interact with outstanding professionals.

Students earn an MA in Journalism and New Media, jointly awarded by JMI and the University of Jordan, after successfully completing 33 credit hours. The program is divided into two tracks: Comprehensive Examination Track students earn the MA degree after one year, while the minimum period of study is one and a half years for Thesis Track students, with 9 credit hours devoted to the thesis.

Theoretical and practical instruction in Arabic is intensive in both tracks.