Educational Guides

University thesis writing guidebook:

JMI offers a guidebook on writing and preparing the thesis (whether submitted in Arabic or English) for MA program students who have chosen the Thesis Track.

The guidebook covers all the objectives and components of the thesis sequentially with examples and templates provided whenever necessary. It is in line with the latest guidelines for writing and documenting theses and dissertations, particularly in the educational, humanitarian and social fields.

Click here to download the University Thesis Writing Guidebook.

Guidebook and instructions for graduation projects:

The study plan for the Comprehensive Exam Track of the Master’s in Journalism and New Media includes a graduation project course constituting three credit hours.

The guidebook covers the basic concepts relevant to the philosophy of the graduation project, its objectives and methodologies. It also covers the areas available for journalism students to apply their projects, the methodologies for creating these projects in application and theory, general quality standards and specific quality criteria for each field. In addition, the manual contains journalistic writing quality standards required for all project areas, executive and procedural instructions and a list of important dates.

Click here to download the Graduation Project Writing Guidebook.