Alumni Success Stories

Laila Kloub
Producer – Al Mamlaka TV Eighth Intake (2016/2017)


Journalism is not a career, but a way of life and a message we believe in, to make the world around us a better place. The opportunities offered by JMI have changed my life, while the study experience has developed my skills and supported me enormously to become what I am today.

Laila Kloub previously worked as a journalist in The Global Post.

Ola Al Shakhshir
Morning Show Host – Ro’ya TV Eighth Intake (2016/2017)


The Master's program has given me the confidence to compete in the media scene with professional skills, supported by a strong academic foundation. I’m now more focused in delivering all the required investigations, reports and press stories, armed with the ability to withstand the difficulties and hardships of journalism.

Ola Al-Shakhshir previously worked as a presenter at several stations in Dubai.

Mohammad Khamaiseh
Producer/Presenter – Al Mamlaka TV Eighth Intake (2016/2017)


In journalistic work, we always seek professional crafting of professional standards, especially in the field of television, which will not remain in its current form in the near future. It is here that my study experience at JMI came in useful, as it gave me the opportunity to develop my professional tools and identify the forms that digital media and television are based on today, in light of the tremendous developments taking place in this area day after day.

Mohammad Khamaiseh previously worked as a reporter and producer at Ro’ya TV and as a content manager for the Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) website.

Ahmad Da’mous
Presenter – Jordan Armed Forces Radio Hala Eighth Intake (2016/2017)


Jordan Media Institute played a key role in refining my talent and experience, in addition to providing a fertile environment for opportunities to meet important figures; a real experience that raises the level of ambition and opens new horizons for self-improvement and working on presenting all that is new and constructive.

Ahmad Da’mous previously worked in Radio Al Balad, Global Radio, Amman Net website, JBC Radio and Ro’ya TV.

Arwa Al Zou’bi
Content Producer – Kharabeesh – Jordan Seventh Intake (2015/2016)


Jordan Media Institute is a dream come true. There, I learned that media is an honest message, and that a journalist is the mirror of the truth. Within two years, JMI was able to teach me a lot of what I was ignorant about, and also taught me how to be successful under pressure, and that ethics are a cornerstone of professionalism.

Arwa Al Zou’bi won first prize for her article on citizenship from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. She has written two books and a movie.

Sandy Al Habashneh
News Anchor – Al Mamlaka TV Seventh Intake (2015/2016)


My modest professional career is briefly described as before and after Jordan Media Institute. JMI has enabled me to be committed and dedicated to journalism and professional ethics… also to think of my people and my homeland and to speak the truth, which helped me gain people’s trust. Special thanks to the dean, Prof. Basim Tweissi, who believed in my dreams and aspirations and was, and still is, an example and a role model.

Sandy Al Habashneh previously worked as a news anchor in Jordan Television.

Maher Alhamadany
Producer and Reporter – TRT-Arabic TV – Istanbul Sixth Intake (2014/2015)


JMI is a great opportunity for any journalist… it is different from the other institutions that award certificates in the media field as it combines theory with practice, and in accordance with international standards. A journalist that is aware of the principles, ethics and laws of media work is what this unique academic institute makes a student into.

Maher Alhamadany also works as a reporter for BBC Extra - Arabic – Istanbul, and previously worked as a reporter for Bagdad TV.

Abdullah Kafaween
News Anchor – Al Mamlaka TV (Economy Section) Sixth Intake (2014/2015)


I would like to stress that Jordan Media Institute was a valuable addition for my career in TV and digital media. JMI has played a key role in enhancing my performance.

Abdullah Kafaween previously worked as a reporter for France 24 in Jordan, a news anchor in Ro’ya TV and a producer in Radio Jordan.

Baker Abdelhaq
Reporter for Palestine Broadcasting Corporation TV Sixth Intake (2014/2015)


The opportunity to complete the postgraduate studies at Jordan Media Institute was a milestone in my professional life. It was the beginning of my return to journalism after a break of three years. I benefited greatly from the skills and information that I acquired during my studies at the institute, either through the theory or workshops and extracurricular activities, which reflected positively on my work. The institute also gave me the opportunity to excel in many of the news reports I have prepared.

Baker Abdelhaq previously worked as a cameraman and a reporter for Nablus local TV. He won the prestigious Arab Youth Award in Media in 2018. He has also worked in Al Istiqlal University - Palestine.

Juman Al Azzawi
Producer/Presenter in Alhurra Channel Sixth Intake (2014/2015)


Studying at Jordan Media Institute was a unique academic and life experience. The curricula offered to students focuses on the practical aspect, which contributed to the graduation of distinguished journalists qualified for field work. The extracurricular activities offered by the institute, such as training courses and conferences, helped students develop their journalism skills in line with new media requirements.

Juman Al Azzawi previously worked as a presenter in Al Sharkiah.

Ra’eda Hamra
News Anchor at Sawa Radio – Washington D.C. Fifth Intake (2013/2014)


JMI is responsible for a quantum leap in my professional and academic life. It has actively stimulated my desire to cover local events and news, as well as the most important international news from Washington. The institute provided us with guest speakers from elite international media outlets, in addition to international academic trips where I observed successful media models. I'm working to become one of the most professional journalists in the world. I've never forgotten the term "knowledge is power" ever!!! I am at the heart of Washington's media today because knowledge is powerful.

Ra’eda Hamra previously worked as head of the investigative journalism department at Ro’ya TV.

Ahmad Abbas
Assignment Editor in the Digital Section of Alhurra – Washington D.C. Fifth Intake (2013/2014)


JMI has played a key role in my career. Practicing and training on digital tools during the course of the program made it easier for me to integrate into newsrooms quickly. The internship opportunity provided by the institute in Germany opened the door for me to gain considerable experience in a short time. In addition, the formation of a network of colleagues from different Arab countries during the program and training is essential for any journalist.

Ahmad Abbas previously worked as an editor in Daily News Egypt – Egypt.