Our Perspective on Training & Capacity Building

The JMI perspective on training is based on the following benchmarks:

  • Goal-Based Training: Each training program is designed to close a professional or knowledge gap in the field. This is the overall objective that is expected to be achieved at the end of the course.
  • Quality Planning: Our programs take into consideration good training standards that are based on sound academic and professional principles.
  • Quality Training Environment: The environment is conducive to learning as it caters to specialized training needs based on diverse academic backgrounds. To maximize the positive impact of the program, JMI takes into account participants’ academic and professional qualifications, as well as their experience level
  • Appropriate tools for applied training: Based on the requirements of each training program, JMI provides the relevant equipment, i.e., digital editing labs; modern newsrooms; TV and radio broadcast studios; cameras and recording equipment
  • Qualified trainers: JMI has a cadre of certified local and international trainers, made possible by the network of relations the institute has developed with training institutions across the world. They meet a specific set of conditions and standards exclusive to JMI trainers.
  • Ongoing training evaluation: To ensure that it provides training of the highest quality, JMI has a system in place to assess the impact and goal attainment level of its programs. A specialized JMI team conducts regular reviews of training goals, as well as assessments of instructors, course content and the academic environment, in order to fully evaluate the effectiveness of the programs.
  • Quality of training content: The training content is comprehensive and meets set objectives efficiently and clearly. The practical aspect of the training reflects the required skills, without diminishing the importance of the theoretical side.
  • Quality and diversity of training methods: JMI offers diverse training methods such as presentations, lectures, research outputs, working papers, professional case studies, media product samples, simulation, applied exercises, media institutions’ examples, journalists’ success stories and field visits.
  • Resources: At the end of each training module and/or topic, JMI provides a list of all the available resources and materials.