Projects 2019

To tackle fundamental challenges to journalism today, strengthen quality reporting, and fight misinformation.
The project aims to verify information and photos, electronic security, interaction with the public, and storytelling using Facebook tools.
The project aims to enhance journalists’ skills in telling economic stories by simplifying and humanizing the concepts using data journalism and short video making. It also seeks to enhance media coverage of business and the economy, in addition to creating a space for public discussion of these issues.
The project aims to strengthen awareness and knowledge of Media Literacy for young Jordanians enrolled in public schools
The project aims to strengthening Media and Information Literacy among youth through launching MIL clubs in 15 public schools in Irbid, Zarqa and Ma’an.
The aim of the project is to spread the culture of accountability among media outlets, journalists and society and to promote the culture of quality journalism by continuously improving the profession’s inputs and outputs. It also seeks to contribute toward raising the performance of local media outlets by providing a professional and academic platform to verify news items.
The project aims to supporting professors and students in two Universities’ radio stations in Irbid and Ma’an to produce and broadcast content that promotes Media and Information Literacy concepts, with a focus on human rights reporting and ability to utilize knowledge of strategic communication design by means of exercising professional journalism.
A cooperation agreement was signed with the Norwegian Institute of Journalism in 2012 for culture and expertise exchange by implementing several activities to support the media sector and training.
The project aims to Improve Jordan’s media capacity to counter violent extremism and terrorism from media information literacy and content quality perspectives