Faculty Research & Publications

Dr. Antoine Messarra
Research and Publications
  • Legal Perspective on Pluralistic Parliamentary Systems. Library of the Orient, Beirut, 2017.
  • Democratic Management of Religious and Cultural Pluralism: Lebanon from a Comparative Perspective. UNESCO Chair for Comparative Religious Studies, Mediation and Dialogue, Saint Joseph University, 2017.
  • Citizenship Culture in a Pluralistic Society: Lebanon from a Comparative Perspective (French). Library of the Orient, Beirut, 2015. 
  • Judiciary Monitor in Lebanon. Beirut, Volume I 2007, Volume 2 2008.
  • Roots of the Taif Agreement. Library of the Orient, Beirut, 2006. 
  • Public Theory in the Lebanese Constitutional System. Library of the Orient, Beirut, 2005. 
  • Legislation Monitor in Lebanon. Library of the Orient, Beirut, 2005.
  • Democracy Monitor in Lebanon. Library of the Orient, Beirut, 2000.
  • Relationship of the Citizen with the Administration. Library of the Orient, Beirut, Volume 1 1995, Volume 2 1998.
  • Engagement Society, Renaissance Generation: Renewed Upbringing of Lebanon’s Youth Today. 4 Volumes (1989 – 1996), Library of the Orient, Beirut, 1986.
  • Leçons particulières (Souvenirs et récits de vie). Beyrouth, Librairie Orientale, 2e éd., 2015.
  • Le Pacte libanais (Le message d’universalité et ses contraintes). 252p, 1997.
  • Théorie générale du système politique libanais (Essai comparé sur les fondements et les perspectives d’évolution d’un système consensuel de gouvernement). Paris-Cariscript et Beyrouth – Librairie Orientale, avec le concours du Centre National des Lettres, Paris, 308p, 1994.
  • “Prospects for Lebanon”- The Challenge of Coexistence. Oxford, Center for Lebanese Studies, 33p, 1988.
  • Le Modèle Politique Libanais et sa Survie (Essai sur la classification et l’aménagement d’un système consociatif). Beyrouth, Publications de l’Université Libanaise, «Section des études juridiques, politiques et administratives», VII, 536p, 1983.
  • La Structure Sociale du Parlement Libanais. Université Libanaise, Institut des Sciences Sociales, 382p, 1977.
Dr. Sakher Al Khasawneh
Research and Publications
  • Regulation of Domestic Workers and Similar Categories of Workers in Jordanian and Emirati Legislation. Sharia and Law Journal, Volume 43, Issue 2, pp. 837-852, 2016.
  • De Jure and De Facto Syrian Worker Rights. Working paper for Conference on Syrian Refugees in Jordan: Question of Society and Media, JMI, 2014.
  • Mediation Agreements in Resolving Civil and Commercial Disputes, Aden University, 2010.
  • Role of Police and Customs in Enforcing Intellectual Property Laws. Research Submitted to Progressive Security Course, 2005.
  • The Financing Lease and its Effects: Comparative Study in Islamic Jurisprudence. PhD Thesis – Amended, published book “Lease Element”, Wael Publishing House, 2005.
  • Third Party Contracts. MA Thesis, University of Jordan, 1999.
  • The Relationship Between Arbitration and Jurisdiction Within Europe Post the West Tankers Case. Business Law Review, Issue 4, pp. 82–86, 2012.