New Arrivals to JMI Library

Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War
Fred Kaplan
المجلس الوطني للثقافة والفنون والآداب - الكويت
Al Mustaqbal Al Arabi
Centre for Arab Unity Studies
Understanding communication research methods : a theoretical and practical approach
Stephen M. Croucher and Daniel Cronn-Mills
Media and communication research methods : an introduction to qualitative and quantitative approaches
Arthur Asa Berger
Arab Affairs
The League of Arab States
التربية الاعلامية والمعلوماتية : الجزء الثاني : دليل محو الامية الاخبارية
د. باسم الطويسي
معهد الاعلام الاردني
Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End
Issue No. 469, Atul Gawande, National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters - Kuwait
Adnan Abu Odeh's Diaries 1970-1988
Mueen Al Taher, Arab Center for Research & Policy Studies
مجلة المستقبل العربي
Issue No. 481, Centre for Arab Unity Studies
Taking sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in Mass Media and Society
Alison Alexander and Jarice Hanson
True Lies
Anthony Lappe and Stephen Marshal
A Plume Book
My Journey at the Nuclear Brink
William J. Perry, translated by Malek Assaf
National Council for Culture, Arts and Literature Publications
سلسلة مجلة عالم المعرفة، العدد 468