Project: “Debate to Action: Communications and Leadership Program” for Arab Youth Leaders


The project aimed to build the participants’ communication and leadership abilities, to ensure that the voices of young Arabs from northern and southern Mediterranean communities are heard. Also, to help them translate their ideas into action by providing a platform where they can communicate with media experts, decision makers and senior leaders. In addition, the project sought to provide the participants with the tools to enhance their analytical, leadership and dialogue skills in order to expand economic and social engagement in their societies.

Project Description:

The project entailed:

  1. Holding training programs and awareness/ guidance sessions for participants with media professionals and experts.
  2. Organizing visits to prominent cultural and media institutions, in addition to meetings with Jordanian leaders to learn about their experiences and exchange viewpoints on all issues concerning young Arabs.

Project Outputs:

  1. Organizing the first Debate to Action meeting on communication and advocacy with representatives of the Arab Youth Leaders program from six countries: Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia and Palestine.
  2. Contributing to organizing the "Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Award for Dialogue between Cultures", which several young journalists from Europe and the MENA region applied for.
  3. Holding a training course to boost young people’s media, communications and advocacy skills.