Prof. Abdel Hakim Alhusbani

Professor Abdel Hakim Alhusbani holds Ph.D. and M.A. degrees in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Bordeaux II in France in addition to a second M.A. in Social Anthropology from Yarmouk University in Jordan. He also holds a B.A. degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Yarmouk University and received specialized training at the Journalists Training and Development Center in France (CFPJ).

Prof. Alhusbani taught in various universities including the University of Jordan, Jordan University for Science and Technology, University of Bordeaux II, and Yarmouk University where he occupied the positions of Dean and Head of Department. Aside from his academic experience, Prof. Alhusbani collaborated for years with the weekly French-language newspaper in Amman and is a regular contributor to various electronic news websites in Jordan and abroad on cultural and political topics.

Prof. Alhusbani is a keen researcher. He has both managed and participated in many research projects executed in collaboration with the most important funding institutions in Europe. His scientific refereed publications cover a wide variety of themes focusing on Jordan’s politics and culture.