Project: Cooperation Program with the Swedish Postcode Lottery Culture Foundation and Reporters without Borders Organization in Sweden


The project aimed to build the professional capabilities of journalists and JMI students, as well as contribute to improving press freedoms.

Project Summary:

The cooperation agreement entailed:

  1. Organizing training workshops on safety and security of journalists and skills in handling crises and disasters.
  2. Organizing an academic trip for JMI students to build their professional capacities and expand the horizons of the MA program.
  3. Organizing a camp for journalists and JMI alumni to improve their employability in the media labor market.

Project Outputs:

  1. Conducting a workshop on news coverage in conflict areas and professional and personal security for journalists.
  2. Holding a training workshop on producing historical documentaries.
  3. Organizing a workshop on safety of journalists in times of war and crises.
  4. Arranging a study trip to Sweden for JMI students with visits to Swedish media institutions and training workshops.
  5. Holding a training camp for fresh graduates of media studies.