Alumni Success Stories

Anas Al Majali
Host and Presenter at Jordan Television Third Intake (2011/2012)


The institute is a unique educational incubator. In my opinion, all the elements, comprising skilled professors, an appropriate training environment and cutting-edge technologies, contribute to this program that has no parallel in the region.

Mustafa Khatib
Writer – Al Arabiya – UAE Second Intake (2010/2011)


The greatest benefit I derived was from JMI's faculty and their practical approach to teaching that certainly pushed me forward. Another benefit was qualifying for an internship through JMI. What I was exposed to at the institute, both in print and broadcast journalism, strengthened my skills and background and better prepared me to work in news organizations. JMI's intensive, practical and professional program is what empowered me to enter the work field ready and prepared.

Mustafa Khatib was offered an internship at Al Arabiya upon graduation and later received a full time offer as a writer with the news channel.

Hala Sroor Habbazi
Senior Editor and Social Media Admin – Sayidaty Magazine, UAE Second Intake (2010/2011)


I benefited from all courses at the Jordan Media Institute, specifically the Broadcast and Digital Media ones. Interning at CNN Arabic also provided me with a practical environment to train on topic selection and objective news writing.

Hala Sroor Habbazi is currently Senior Editor and Social Media Admin for Sayidaty Magazine in the UAE. She also presents a weekly segment on Rotana Gulf.

Mohammad Nawaf Al-Dwairi
Media and Public Relations Spokesman – Jordan Industrial Estates Company First Intake (2009/2010)


Jordan Media Institute taught me a lot; I learned how to work under pressure and within a team. It also strengthened my research skills, taught me how to collect information in an orderly manner, and refined my skills as a journalist. JMI was a starting point that I’m extremely proud of.

Mohammad Nawaf Al-Dwairi graduated in 2010 as part of the first intake. He received a prize for his coverage of breast cancer.