Assessment of Jordan Government Platform "Haggak Tiraf" to Combat Disinformation


Project Duration: 11 Mar 2021 – 20 Apr 2021

Donor: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD




Develop an assessment of the "Haggak Tiraf" platform to increase its effectiveness in debunking rumors and advancing factual information, as part of the Citizens’ Voice project

Project Description:


  • Implement a background research on mis and dis information in the MENA region, with a particular focus on Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia and Morocco, with initial suggested guidelines for policymakers in the region to develop response
  • Assessment on dis and mis information in Jordan; "Haggak Tiraf" platform
  • Support OECD meetings as part of the citizens’ voice project



Senior officials and staff engaged in "Haggak Tiraf" platform