JMI Policy on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

Many societies have managed to eliminate patriarchal notions and systems, with the media playing a positive role in removing the injustice done to women over decades and achieving gender equality. However, some media outlets have done the opposite by stereotyping women and distorting their image.

In line with the Jordan Media Institute’s vision and responsibilities in the human rights domain and in supporting development in local communities, its staff and students are committed to respecting women's rights in the following spheres:

  • Gender-sensitive principles of fairness in student admission policies and enrollment in training and capacity building programs.
  • Gender-sensitive principles of fairness in employment policies, while embracing positive recognition of women by giving them equal opportunities for recruitment. This is achieved by providing the right work environment for women by taking into consideration the pressures they face in society and their household duties.
  • JMI supports media practices that do justice to women by:
  1. Paying attention to fair and balanced coverage of women’s affairs and issues quantitatively and qualitatively.
  2. Regarding women as sources and experts who are entitled to appear in different forms of media.
  3. Countering negative stereotypes of women.
  4. Covering issues related to motherhood, reproductive health and parenting.
  5. Enabling women to perform their various reproductive/family, productive, societal and political roles.
  • JMI staff shall counter all forms of negative discrimination against women and their exploitation; as well as work to change negative stereotypes of women in society and enhance women's self-confidence.
  • In its programs and policies, JMI shall support gender equality in political, social, economic and cultural participation, in addition to the capabilities required for its success, mainly in the media, communication, education and health sectors. The institute will also work to eliminate all obstacles hindering gender equality.
  • JMI shall support efforts to increase women’s representation in, and access to, decision-making centers, specifically in the media industry.
  • JMI staff and students shall be committed to ensuring fair and honest coverage of all marginalized women, particularly in rural and Bedouin communities, as well as refugees.
  • The institute shall be committed to enhancing the role of women and society's perception of them, as well as their self-confidence.