Media & Information Literacy


Project Duration: 1 Jan 2020 – 31 Dec 2021

Donor: DW Akademie



To enhance the capacity of teachers and students in public schools in the Kingdom on Media and Information Literacy MIL.

Project Description:


  • Training of Trainers for a group of trainers on Media and Information Literacy.
  • Training of 300 teachers and supervisors during 2020-2021
  • Selection of 30 teachers who have been trained and distinguished in the field of Media and Information Literacy to become trainers for school students.
  • Developing manuals for teachers and students on Media and Information Literacy, and MIL units to be integrated into school curricula.
  • A workshop for MIL experts and representatives from the technical committee responsible for curriculum development at the MoE
  • Development of Video Tutorials to support training manual for students
  • Development of a brief concept paper on MIL Digital Content Hub


Project Outcomes:

Promoting awareness, knowledge and understanding of Media and Information Literacy skills and principles among teachers and school students, enabling them to search for and use information faithfully, evaluate and criticize media messages, and methods of producing media content while respecting the ethics of the profession, through training, developing special manuals and introducing MIL concepts into school curricula.


Teachers and students in public schools in the Kingdom.