Project: Cooperation Program with the Norwegian Institute of Journalism



A cooperation agreement was signed with the Norwegian Institute of Journalism in 2012 for culture and expertise exchange by implementing several activities to support the media sector and training.

Project Description:

The project entailed:

  1. Training JMI students and enhancing their skills in various media and journalism spheres.
  2. Organizing conferences to support various local, regional, and international issues through the media.
  3. Exchanging culture and expertise between Norway and Jordan through student visits.

Project Outputs:

  1. Organizing and holding several conferences:
  • The First Jordanian Conference – “The Role of Radio in Development and Democratization” (February 2014).
  • Conference on “Syrian Refugees in Jordan – Question of Society and Media” (December 2014).
  • Conference on “Radio and Television Broadcasting – Policies, Transformations, and Challenges” (May 2015).
  • Conference on “Hate Speech in Digital and Social Media” (April 2016).
  1. Organizing cultural exchange trips for JMI students:
  • Trip for fourth intake students to Norway (June 2013)
  • Trip for fifth intake students to Norway (May 2014)
  • Trip for sixth intake students to Norway (May 2015)
  • Trip for seventh intake students to Norway (May 2016).
  • Trip for eighth intake students to Norway (May 2017).
  • Trip for ninth intake students to Norway (May 2018).
  1. Organizing workshops and training programs for JMI students covering the following topics:
  • Video journalism.
  • Photojournalism and illustrated news stories.
  • Television news stories.
  • Radio news stories.
  • Sports news photography.