Project: Enhancing Public Understanding of the Economy through Storytelling


The project aims to enhance journalists’ skills in telling economic stories by simplifying and humanizing the concepts using data journalism and short video making. It also seeks to enhance media coverage of business and the economy, in addition to creating a space for public discussion of these issues.

Target Audience:

  1. Journalists working in the economic section of press institutions.
  2. Fresh journalism and media graduates who wish to cover business and the economy.
  3. Journalists focused on producing videos for social media.

Project Description:

The project includes:

  1. Conducting a series of training workshops to arm journalists with the required skills.
  2. Organizing and convening dialogue sessions on economic issues with the participation of the general public, specialized journalists and officials.
  3. Offering technical support to trainees on using video and graphics for their stories on business and the economy.
  4. Producing awareness and educational videos for the public that simplify economic concepts.

Project Outputs:

The project is still under way. As of early 2019, the following had been achieved:

  1. Conducting a workshop on “Humanizing the Economy” for 16 journalists and media professionals. The training included monitoring, reviewing and explaining basic economic concepts and indicators that every journalist covering business and the economy must understand, reviewing open and closed sources of business information and how to read their data, and practical training for video montage using graphics.