Project: Improving Jordan’s Media Capacity to Counter Violent Extremism and Terrorism: Media Literacy and Performance & Content Quality Perspective



Improving Jordan’s media capacity to counter violent extremism and terrorism from media information literacy and content quality perspectives

  •  To build the capacities of Jordanian journalists, including community radio reporters, students of last year of journalism faculties and social media activists, to enhance the quality of media coverage and messages to counter violent extremism and terrorist.
  •  To develop a friendly media regulatory environment, at the level of regulatory bodies and at the level of self-regulation in confronting violent extremism and terrorism and monitoring hate speech.
  •  To enhance awareness on hate speech, ethical violations, Code of Conduct for CVE from a MIL perspective through quality content to develop and disseminate.


Project Description:

 Based on the project objectives, the project will be implemented through the following activities:

  • Capacity building for countering violent extremism and terrorism.
  • A friendly regulatory environment: Code of Conduct, monitoring reports, and improved cooperation. 
  • Awareness of content development and dissemination.



  • Jordan Media Commission
  • The Jordan Radio and Television Corporation (JRTV)
  • Jordan News Agency (Petra)
  • Jordan Government Spokespersons
  • Local Community Radios
  • Media outlets



  • 45 Journalists working in the professional media outlets
  • 15 Reporters consisting of staff members and volunteers from the student community working in community radio stations in Amman, Ma'an, Karak, Zarqa and Irbid governorates.
  • 40 New graduates and senior students from journalism faculties (last year students) at JMI, Petra, Yarmouk, Middle East, Zarqa and Gadara Universities
  • 40 Spokespersons in Ministries and Governmental bodies (from Spokesmen Network)
  • 10 Employees of the Jordan Media Commission (State Regulatory Authority for the media sector)
  • 15 Activists and influencers on social media


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