Project: Jordanian Media Credibility Monitor (AKEED)



The aim of the project is to spread the culture of accountability among media outlets, journalists, and society and to promote the culture of quality journalism by continuously improving the profession’s inputs and outputs. It also seeks to contribute toward raising the performance of local media outlets by providing a professional and academic platform to verify news items.

Project Description:

The project entailed:

  1. Establishing an online monitor to track the credibility of news content using an information checking mechanism.
  2. Creating academic standards for monitoring, rules governing journalism, information quality and best practices in this field.
  3. Training staff on monitoring operations and reports published by AKEED.
  4. Publishing specialized, daily, and monthly reports on the performance of local media outlets through AKEED.

Project Outputs:

  1. Conducting five training programs for AKEED staff.
  2. Organizing introductory workshops on AKEED standards for journalists and media professionals.
  3. Launching the Jordanian Media Credibility Monitor (AKEED) on 21 September 2014.
  4. Implementing a widescale media campaign to introduce AKEED.
  5. Offering specialized media material services translated into Arabic.
  6. Launching the English version of AKEED.
  7. Publishing daily, monthly and specialized reports on media performance, with 210 reports issued in 2014, 185 in 2015, 220 in 2016 and 315 in 2017.
  8. In 2020, AKEED continued its operations for the Seventh year, gaining more attention from the national media at various levels.