Project: Training Al Mamlaka TV Staff



The project aimed to train and develop the skills of Al Mamlaka TV staff from all departments, in preparation for its official launch.

Project Description:

The project entailed developing the capabilities of the target group by conducting a number of intensive training programs for each department according to their training needs. In addition, the points of strength and weakness for each trainee were identified and focused on individually during the training.

Project Outputs:

A total of 34 training courses were held for approximately 180 trainees during the five-month project.

The training focused on:

  • Sound and oration in visual media.
  • News presentation skills.
  • Development of improvisation and oration skills.
  • Different types of interviews within news bulletins and how to prepare for each kind.
  • Media during times of security crises.
  • News writing and editing.
  • Writing news for television images.
  • Story telling for television.
  • Writing news for various social media platforms.
  • Video editing.
  • Using digital materials in the media.
  • Conducting interviews.
  • Producing programs.
  • Covering political affairs and official news.
  • Covering press conferences.
  • Covering wars, civil unrest and disasters.
  • Press legislation, laws and ethics.
  • Mobile journalism.
  • Training for the digital department and its various fields.
  • Special training for the economy department on business journalism, local and international stock exchanges and other topics.
  • Special training for photographers.