Jordan Media Institute holds trainings on media literacy

18 Aug 2021

Jordan Media Institute – Amman

Jordan Media Institute (JMI), in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture, and with support from Al Hussein Fund for Excellence, has organized workshops to train educators in media literacy. The workshops are part of the project “Training for Teachers and Faculty Members in Universities under the Executive Plan of the National Initiative for Media and Information Literacy”.

The project’s goal is to spread basic understanding of media education tools and information in schools and universities, and to build the capacities of educators working in these institutions, such that they are able to pass on the knowledge and skills they gained in this field to their students. The project also aims to ensure responsible engagement with content from traditional and digital media sources through the examination of sources of information. It furthermore seeks to prevent the spreading of rumors and fake news, and to promote inclusive language.

Iman Alhajuj, a teacher who participated in the training, said that the training was important because it enhanced the participants’ research skills, and taught them to find and analyse information. It also made them aware of journalistic ethics regarding topics such as representation, privacy, and how to work with internet algorithms. She stated that the practical aspect of the session reinforced the skills that the workshop leaders presented.

Ziad Rawashdeh, a teacher, emphasized the role of media literacy in strengthening awareness of media. He said it informs members of society on how to interact with the media, especially in the context of the rise of social media and the challenges it poses.

According to JMI’s director of projects, the engineer Nourhan Shuqman, the project aims to train 540 teachers and administrators from three regions of Jordan, who will in turn share the knowledge and experiences they have acquired with their fellow educators, administrators, and students. The project also trains and builds capacity for faculty at 6 Jordanian universities, with one training course occuring at each university. The courses target departments in the fields of journalism and media, computer science and information science, languages, libraries and archives, and education studies.

Until now, approximately 200 teachers and administrators have completed their training in media literacy, through workshops held by JMI in various protectorates of Jordan, including Tafileh, Karak, Jerash, Maan, Mafraq, and Irbid. JMI will be holding more workshops in the coming weeks.