Project: Media and Information Literacy (Phase I)



The project aims to promote the concepts of Media and Information Literacy (MIL) at three levels: public policies, higher education institutions and schools.

Project Description:

The project entailed:

  1. Creating a Jordanian vision on introducing MIL to education curricula and supporting decision makers with expertise in this field.
  2. Building the capacities of two universities in the north and south to introduce MIL.
  3. Launching a pilot phase to develop teachers’ abilities to introduce MIL concepts in the curricula of a sample of schools. 

Project Outputs:

  1. Creating a research and information database that included:
  1. Establishing media clubs in eight schools with the participation of 120 students. A total of 24 teachers were trained to run these clubs.
  2. Training six staff members in the project’s partner institutions in Beirut at the Media and Digital Literacy Academy.
  3. Producing film and media materials to promote the idea of MIL.
  4. Preparing for the second phase of the project by signing agreements with Al-Hussein Bin Talal and Al al-Bayt universities to organize a series of pilot activities to promote MIL.